Meet The Team


Avery is Britex's flâneur du jour. They manage the online store and virtually spin Britex’s in-store music.
The employees and customers are an international bunch that Avery enjoys making happy, so Avery loves trying to make sure that the store playlist includes music from as many countries as possible. It keeps us dancing!
Avery has been sewing since 1968. Currently they mostly sews clothing for themselves, their children, grandchildren, and pals. They have also done quilting, knitting, and cross-stitch.They adore drooling over Liberty of London’s cotton lawn seasonal swatch books. Someday they will make that pair of paisley cotton lawn pajamas with piping that they long for! Avery's favorite San Francisco jaunt involves pecan rolls from Arizmendi Bakery and reading on a bench in Golden Gate Park's Fragrance Garden.


Jaime enjoys knitting, drinking fine Bay Area wine, crocheting, and crafting costumes. In addition to 20 years of experience sewing under her belt, Jaime has been doing theater and costuming since she was young. One of her favorite parts about working at Britex is seeing all the new fabrics as they arrive in store. When she’s not at work, she can be seen hanging out at Ocean Beach.



Maya has reigned as the "Queen of Buttons" at Britex Fabrics for over 26 years, so of course her favorite thing about Britex is the button wall and the customers looking for the perfect buttons. Maya has been crafting her entire life and her favorite craft is knitting.


Second floor sales associate Karen does it all - sewing, painting, and ceramics. Karen hails from an artistic family, in which her mother's sewing influenced her as a kid to begin crafting. Her first sewing project was a Gibson Girl blouse, featuring a lace insertion and pin tucks. Her favorite part of working at Britex is talking with customers about their projects and being part of their creative processes. Karen's go to places to visit in San Francisco are Coit Tower, Legion of Honor, and Ocean Beach. 


Barbara has worked at Britex Fabrics for the last 15 years and she has been sewing since she was 15 years old. She really enjoys "selling possibilities" to customers. Barbara is a loyal member of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and is going to the re-opening party this spring. She was also at the original Grand Opening party when the MOMA first opened in its current location, but remembers going to the previous location near Civic Center when she was a teenager. Barbara is pictured wearing a dress that she created from fabric she got at Britex Fabrics.


The expert of home décor fabrics at Britex, Aleks has decades of sewing experience under her belt.  She specializes in sewing skirts, dresses, and pillows. Aleks started sewing when she was about 12 or 13 because she didn’t like the ready to wear clothing available where she grew up. The first thing she ever made was a sun dress. Her favorite part of working at Britex is learning from the people who shop here and she loves meeting people from all around the world. Her top Bay Area getaway is Napa.


Flynn gets around. He can be found assisting Aleks with home décor or decking the second floor halls with displays. He enjoys sewing vests and soon will start making bowties. Working at Britex has proven to be doubly inspiring for Flynn’s projects, whether it’s being surrounded by beautiful fabric all the time to interacting with customers to address their creative needs. Outside of Britex, Flynn can be seen around Dolores Park on weekdays, because it is less crowded than on weekends.



Jose is the notions manager and finds joy every day helping customers! His passions include creating evening wear, bridal wear, and pattern making. When he was growing up in Mexico, he watched his aunt use his mother’s old Singer sewing machine. Eventually he took sewing and merchandising classes, and has since been sewing for five years. Jose finds inspiration in the variety of colors and materials here at Britex. The San Francisco destination he derives the most inspiration from is the DeYoung Museum, especially their exhibitions featuring fashion designers.


LG, the assistant floor manager of our notions section, advises customers on our ever growing lace selection. She’s been sewing seriously ever since high school, but Laura first started when her mother taught her how. According to Laura, the best part about working at Britex is the happiness derived from meeting people who are passionate about their projects and helping them find solutions. Her favorite spot to visit in San Francisco is the Palace of the Legion of Honor Museum.


Norma has been working at Britex Fabrics for over 22 years. She went to dressmaking school after the sixth grade and has been sewing since she was 15, so Norma can sew anything. She enjoys talking to the variety of people who come into Britex and giving orders to her coworkers. Norma also loves kids. Her favorite thing to do when she isn’t at work is catching a Warriors game on television.