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1926 Negligee by Decades of Style

You know all of those decorative stitches on your sewing machine that you always want to use but never get the chance to? Well, this vintage pattern is for you! This stunning pattern is from 1926. Supposedly it is a negligee but we think it has potential for outside the boudoir. All of the outer edges of this garment provide an opportunity to show off a decorative finish stitch. It is a simple and elegant design that is easy to wear and flattering for many different figures. So go ahead and get comfortable! All you need is 3 yards of a soft fabric and a desire to know your sewing machine a little better. All sizes are included in each pattern as well as directions for the fabric flower (machine embroidery would be just as fabulous instead of the fabric flower.) When this pattern came out in 1926, 40" wide fabric was the norm. The pattern takes advantage of that and calls for use of the selvage edge. If you are a 42" bust or larger, you can keep the original intent of the design and use 45" wide fabric. If the selvage edge is pretty, you can use it as the side of the garment! Category:1920's .


Includes sizes A, B, and C. Please see chart.


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