New silk fabric, woolen fabric, cotton fabric, buttons, lace trims, and more...each month brings new temptations!

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Information and tutorials for folks interested in antique Italian lacework, nouveau fashion, sewing techniques and much much more!


San Francisco Store - Floor 4

Wetsuit, wind-proof, interfaced and stuffed--this floor tops the store and fills all the gaps.

Floor 4

A cornucopia of discounted remnants from the first and second floors are joined by imported and domestic faux furs, leather and suede hides, athletic performance fabrics, muslin, interfacing, pillow forms, felt, neoprene, netting, tulle, and oilcloth--all on the topmost floor.


buckram   acetate   calf hides
burlap   cotton batting   eel skins
clear vinyl   cotton/poly batting   faux snake skin
diaper flannel   polyester   lamb skins
fleece   stretch polyester   leather/suede scraps
foam       metallic hides
frosted vinyl   INTERFACING   perforated hides
heat cloth (quilted & non-quilted)   armo weft   shearling
Minky   cotton   snake skins
monk's cloth   cotton/poly    
mosquito netting   crinoline   DRESS & COSTUME
muslin   French wool   alpaca fur
quilted fabric   fusible fleece batting   dress tulle
rubberized flannel sheeting   hair canvas   faux fur
Sherpa fleece   hymo   fishnet
stuffing   non-fusible   glitter tulle
table felt   nylon horsehair 60" wide   lamé
ticking   so sheer   metallic netting
toweling   soft hymo   petticoat tulle
wool batting   soft knit   netting (54", 72", 108")
    tie interfacing   tulle
    tricot knit    
ACTIVE WEAR   veri-shape    
mesh   undercollar felt    
sports mesh   wonder under   REMNANTS OF ALL KINDS
wickaway       YARD SALE WALL