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Silk Fabric




Britex Fabrics loves everything about silk and it shows. Silk is a natural fiber that is usually derived from the mulberry silkworm’s cocoons. Silk has it all; it is smooth, soft, strong, and lustrous. Silk is ethereal for a summer frock, and just as smart for a winter frock-coat lining. We delight in traipsing about to find you the most chic Italian silks, natty necktie silks, brilliant jacquard silks, and airy sheer silk chiffons.

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  1. Elegant Iridescent Crinkled Artichoke Silk Quickview

    Elegant Iridescent Crinkled Artichoke Silk

    An iridescent crinkled silk fabric in iridescent bronzed artichoke - perfect for a deceptively simple Grecian style tunic or an elegant blouse. 100% silk. 55" wide.

  2. Semi-Sheer Dotted Pistachio Silk Quickview

    Semi-Sheer Dotted Pistachio Silk

    A mid to lightweight silk fabric with beautiful drape, a soft sheen, in a subtle semi-sheer polka dotted pattern and a dreamy pistachio green color - perfect for an elegant blouse. Dots are 1" across. Silk and rayon blend. 44" wide.

  3. Marvelous Mint Crepe-Back Silk Satin Quickview

    Marvelous Mint Crepe-Back Silk Satin

    A drapey crepe-back satin in a marvelous shade of clear mint green - perfect for a bias-cut slip dress or a silky blouse. 45" wide. 100% silk.

  4. Pistachio Green Silk Charmeuse Quickview

    Pistachio Green Silk Charmeuse

    A silk charmeuse fabric in pistachio green - gleaming, soft and drapey, this luscious silk would be great for a bias slip dress or a flippant gored skirt ! 100% silk. 45" wide.

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