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Organza is a feminine sheer fabric, enchanting for bridal veils, gown overlays, and delicate ruched details. With its crisp body and elegant sheen, organza also makes lovely ruffles and underlining. We carry both luxurious silk organza, and equally beauteous polyester organza.

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  1. Embroidered Candlelight Silk Gazaar Quickview

    Embroidered Candlelight Silk Gazaar

    A dense silk gazaar in candlelight or off white, and embroidered with textured oblongs. This silk gazaar is beautifully crisp and chic.

    100% silk.

    This fabric is 56" wide.


  2. Ivory Polyester Organza Quickview

    Ivory Polyester Organza

    A polyester organza in ivory eggshell. This polyester organza is romantically sheer and feminine.

    100% polyester.

    This fabric is 59" wide.


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