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Information and tutorials for folks interested in antique Italian lacework, nouveau fashion, sewing techniques and much much more!

Support Local Organic Cotton Grower


A visit to an organic cotton farm in Capay Valley left us completely enamored with Sally Fox, local grower of naturally colored organic cotton Foxfibre. She’s been at it for decades and clearly loves it! After spending some time on her farm last week, I learned for myself that growing organic cotton is a lot of hard work and takes the hands and support of many.
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How to Knit Socks!

To paraphrase Gertrude Stein in her poem Sacred Emily [pub. 1922]; “A sock is a sock is a sock.” Lion Brand yarn came up with this series of handy how-to videos so that even the most gimpy knitters (myself included!) can knit up cozy sock-a-roos in time for the chilly days of winter. I see this as an ideal way to use up rag-tags of yarn, so I end up both fugal and stylishly clown-ish.

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Abominable Baby Slippers

Make these wacky hairy clawed booties for every baby and toddler in your life, then play chase the abominable baby….grrrrr! Directions from Crochet Me are for three sizes, Small (newborn – 3 months), Medium (6 – 12 months), Large (18 – 24 months).

Baby Slippers

Baby Slippers

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