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  • Satin Ribbon QR Code for Valentine's Day

    January 8, 2013 by Britex Fabrics

    Trekky laboriously wove a QR code from ribbon for her blog, Trekky gets Crafty!. This reminds us of a charmingly geeky version of woven Valentines cards. She describes her process, “Firstly I created a QR code here (for this very blog!), and transferred the code to squared paper, so that I could follow the pattern easier. QR codes are made up a grid of 33 x 33. So I laid down 33 strips of white ribbon, and set to work weaving the black ribbon in.” Sigh! One could create a love message blog post for February 14th, get the QR code for that post’s URL, buy a handful of satin ribbon from Britex, and then weave a Valentine QR code for your sweetie. So romantic.....

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