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  • Hand-Sewn Victorian Welted Pockets

    November 21, 2012 by Britex Fabrics

    Andrew from the sewing blog Victorian Tailoring loves making things; He says, “Two years ago I started making historical clothing for my wedding - I made a Victorian suit and top hat for myself, and I made my wife's Victorian dress and top hat.” He is hooked on the meticulous and meditative process of sewing garments by hand, and provided this tutorial on sewing welted pockets. This is the method most often after 1850, and set out in The Victorian Tailor by Jason Maclochlainn, available on the 3rd floor at Britex Fabrics. It took Andrew four hours to complete his first welted pocket...unfortunately; we aren’t privy to his accompanied colorful language, although we’re sure that it was appropriately Victorian! Arrah now!!

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