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  • Tutorial: Shoulder Pads are not the Enemy

    March 12, 2013 by Lilacs & Lace

    Hello, again. Here is the shoulder pad tutorial I mentioned in my Sunglasses and Sunshine post. These days, shoulder pads have a bad reputation.  They really are not the enemy, but rather an excellent way to balance out a silhouette! SUPPLIES: Paper (to draft your preferred shoulder pad shape) Scissors (one pair for the paper, one for the fabric) Cotton Quilting Batting Thread Chalk or Fabric Pen Lining Material (to cover batting)

    Most shoulder pads are shaped as half of an ellipse.  I have seen a few triangular shaped pads in vintage patterns, but the pointed edges can create problems with lighter-weight fabrics.  And, of course, raglan armholes require a different shape entirely.

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