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  • Tutorial: How to Sew a Dress with Attached Lining

    October 8, 2013 by Jamie Lau Designs

    Britex100713_640x427_Main With this project, I decided to venture into a different color palette and try out a fabric with some subtle jewel tones---brilliant blue, emerald green, and purple. I was mostly drawn to the metallic characteristics of this French floral novelty blend (I particularly love working with metallic brocades for my dress designs), but I knew this polyester, acetate, and metallic combo was going to be a challenge. I knew two things going into this. First, serging was a must. This fabric has an incredibly soft, wool-like hand to it---super luxurious feeling---but it also has a tendency to fray given its loose weave. Second, I would definitely need to line the dress for breathability, and also to keep the loose threads from snagging.

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