Antique Valentine’s day lacework from Arnaldo Caprai Gruppo Tessile Spa: this embroidered white linen cloth worked with punto antico and punto riccio, decorated with needle lace settings worked with punto in aria and reticello. The needle lace edging trims the entire perimeter and it is decorated by a chessboard pattern. The square lace insertions reflects 16th century patterns, while the embroidery of the cloth can be dated to the end of the 19th and the beginning of the following century. Among the designs are: a Cupid with a lance, a two-headed eagle, the bride and groom in the house, a fountain, a four-legged animal, a man among some animals, a woman between columns, a pelican (symbol of the Redemption). The setting that creates the internal frame shows a zoomorphic pattern with stylized bird with displayed wings, alternated with squares with geometric motives. Made in Italy between 1580 and 1600.