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Renaissance Garment and Britex Trim

Britex Fabrics brocade and ecclesiastical ribbons are ideal to ornament Renaissance garments. You could duplicate Cecilia Gallerani’s gown and cloak as shown in this portrait. Her cloak is called a sbernia and is made of trimmed silk. Her hair is gathered together inside a sheer silky bonnet with a border appearing under a ribbon that is level with her eyebrows. Her gown has a quadrangular neckline with golden trim. Britex can assist with all but the silky, sweet stout that Cecilia cradles in her arms.

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Ecclesiastical Trim at Britex Online

Britex Fabrics’ online notions store is pleased to be able to offer you these stunning brocade ecclesiastical trims. Many of these beautiful ribbons are heavily accented with metallic gold embroidery, and several are imported from France. These ribbons add a unique touch to Renaissance, Medieval, and other fantasy garments. Of course, they are ideally suited for Christian church vestments and other liturgical uses.

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