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How to Make Fabric-Covered Thumb-Tacks

Jessica from HowAboutOrange posted this tutorial on how to make super-cute fabric-covered thumb-tacks. This would be a fabulous way to use up tiny scraps of fabric, and to accessorize your bulletin board. Some made up in fabric printed with tiny teapots and teacups would be delicious in the kitchen holding up a collection of vintage recipe booklets – Cakes Men Like…..yum!

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How to Make a Victorian Pomander

Remember to buy fragrant spices, whole cloves, oranges, and beauteous ribbons from Britex to make this old-fashioned treat. Truli is a talented jeweler, and craft-person. Here she presents a tutorial for making traditional clove-studded pomanders. She says, “The Victorians hung pomanders in their closets to ward off moths. Every Thanksgiving I make the spicy orange pomanders and come Christmas time they are dried and ready to be put out in a large festive bowl for my family and friends to take home as a thoughtful handcrafted gift and the rich spicy fragrance will last for years…. they are so simple to make it’s also a nice project to do with your children or a great activity for children to make in supervised groups too.” Their smell makes me think of holiday gatherings … to the scent of freshly waxed antique furniture or fir trees, these make me nostalgic for hot cider, sleigh rides, and uproarious groups of peeps playing board games until 2 am.

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Make Suspenders!

Jessica from RunningWithScissors has posted this awesome tutorial on making stylin’ suspenders or braces. She made them for her two year old, but they could be upsized for anyone! I imagine using colored elastic, metallic embossed leather, and classic horn buttons to tone all that fabulousness down a notch. All they require are six buttons, 1″ wide elastic, and a wee scrap of leather…all items that can be found at Britex. These would be perfect to wear to croquet parties.

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Eyeglasses Case

Gypsy Writer posted these easy-peasy directions on sewing an eyeglasses case on Instructables. We think that this case would be practically snappy made up with leather scraps from our 4th floor leather bin, or a bit of Glenn Plaid raincoat fabric.

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