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Crocheted Head Spikes!

Roarrrrr……is it a monster or is it a rooster? Emily from TheBoyTrifecta has instructions for crocheting head spikes….and what developing monster child doesn’t need head spikes? Head spikes keep ones noggin toasty, and are the perfect addendum to any winter cap (they can be easily modified for heads of all sizes….perhaps your favorite banker or librarian needs one this season)

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Crocheted Pony Reins

We all know at least one child who is convinced that they are a pony, and while away their afternoons galloping with their model horses up and down the hallway. Every wee horse fancier would adore these reins to wear while racing about! Tonya Gunn at LivingCrafts presents a marvelously easy-to-make crochet project, saying “We’ll guarantee hours of fun outdoors for your little ponies.”

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