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  • Boned Waistband by Amy

    August 8, 2012 by Britex Fabrics

    We can’t resist writing more about the collaboration between Britex Fabrics, BurdaStyle and Amy; Amy’s meticulous work on her skirt’s waistband is what tipped us over the top! Her tailoring makes our heart beat quickly, and we sigh. Jenny is modest, and talks about her technique with scientific precision, “A structured waistband is not an essential part of the pattern, but I think it adds a lot of elegance to this high-waisted skirt. Marina von Koenig, BurdaStyle’s expert in all things couture, recently wrote about her experiences making a structured waistband for a high-waisted skirt. What I’ve done here is very similar. My waistband is essentially a sandwich of Rigilene, a plastic boning found in many sewing shops. The bottom layer of the sandwich, the facing, is made up of a layer of the fashion fabric, a layer of silk organza, and a layer of horsehair canvas – all quilted together. On top of this layer are silk organza channels into which the Rigilene strips are threaded. The top layer of the sandwich, which becomes the outside of the waistband, is made up of a layer of the fashion fabric and a layer of cotton flannel interfacing. The flannel helps give the waistband a smooth look from the exterior. The two halves are stitched together along the top and then the seams are graded and understitched so that everything looks lovely and stays put.”

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