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High Fashion Inspiration from 1951

Cull your fall and winter sewing inspiration from these clips of a fashion show at the Savoy Hotel, London in 1951, taken from the legendary British Pathe. This elegant show features amazing coats, suits, and gowns of the early 1950s. We are particularly enamored with Sheila in her fern-like feathered antenna hat and black wool coat, then again in a wool jersey three piece suit with a hip mounted umbrella sheath. These women really knew how to wield an umbrella for great effect!

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How to Wrap a Turban

Turbans are the new beret. Chic and creative – they can even keep your ears toasty in blustery conditions. Let the squalls squell, and tie on a glamorous turban. In this 1942 video from British Pathѐ, Anne Edwards promises that you’ll become a “natty little pussycat” by following her directions…and we don’t doubt it for one hot minute! So, grab a few yards of fabric from Britex Fabrics and get wrapping!

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The Waistcoat Club, Circa 1955

We may have the Tweed Cycling Club and The Chap, however there was a predecessor to all this foppishness; The Waistcoat Club, London 1955. From the knowledgeable media folks at British Pathe, one of the oldest media companies in the world, here is a video newsreel clip illustrating the secret world of bespoke fashion and waistcoats.

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Top Hat Creation – Circa 1951

The amazing folks at the British media company British Pathe (founded in 1902) present a preview of a video newsreel film on making top hats, circa 1951. The short clip depicts various steps in the hat-making process including laying out cloth until it is taut and the formation of forming a cylindrical shape. We love the depiction of craftsmanship, and the pride each milliner takes in their contribution to the finished top hat.

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