2. DART—“V” shaped sewing technique used to make garments fit the body
4. BODICE—the part of a garment or pattern that covers the torso
5. FINISH—serge or use pinking shears to the fabric edge
11. FACING—finish armholes and necklines with fabric that is turned under
13. ALTERATION—changes to assist in fit
15. ARROW—symbol that indicates grain in a pattern layout
16. TISSUE—commercial pattern paper
17. CLIP—how to get curved edges to lay flat

1. BASTE—temporary stitch
3. LINING—fabric on the interior of the garment that hides the seams
6. SEAM—5/8” stitching line
7. NAP—direction of fabric with pile
8. SELVAGE—finished edge of fabric
9. BIAS—at a 45 degree angle to the edge of the fabric
10. INTERFACING—gives body to sections of the garment, including collars and cuffs
12. NOTIONS—sewing supplies that are not fabric
14. GRAIN—parallel to the edge of fabric