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  • Make an 18th Century Petticoat for Spring!

    April 19, 2012 by Britex Fabrics

    Lauren of American Duchess fame, created this tutorial on crafting an 18th century petticoat.....and who doesn’t need a new petticoat for spring? She says, “The cool thing about 18th c. petticoats is that they have a special and awesome way of being both adjustable to the wearer, and including secret pocket-slits so you can access your secret hanging pockets. Petticoats can be worn as underskirts, just on their own, or you can pile them up to create extra-huge puffy skirts. They can also be worn for other big-skirted centuries.” We love the knife pleating details. A poufy petticoat would be whimsically perfect to wear while swinging to and fro under a weeping willow tree, cloud watching, and day dreaming. Then afterwards, a wee tea-time picnic would be marvelous!

  • Sale - 20% Off all Online Silk Sheer Fabrics

    April 19, 2012 by Britex Fabrics

    Online Sale of Silk Sheer Fabrics: Thursday, April 19th to Friday, May 4th, enjoy 20% savings on the entire online Silk Sheer Fabrics category! Sheer silk fabric is the most gossamer of textile delicacies! From airy silk chiffon to delicate silk organza, Britex Fabrics carries a variety of sheer silk fabrics. This is the ideal fabric to perfect the art of making French seams. Sheer silk fabric makes elegant blouses, beautiful ribbons, and stunning scarves…and of course is perfectly charming as wispy lingerie. (This sale is good for online silk sheer fabrics only – in-store silk sheer fabrics are not included in this sale)

  • It is Raining Cats and Dogs!

    April 16, 2012 by Britex Fabrics

    [vimeo clip_id="9248054"] It’s raining cats and dogs! Howie, of the blog WooWork.com: crochet creations for the playful at heart made this outdoor installation for Davie Village Community Garden in Vancouver, BC. We’re in love with the silly raindrops with their wee feline and canine faces. Here is Howie (with assistance from his girlfriend and his girlfriends’ mom) stringing up the drops.....of course, in the rain!

  • Free 1740 Men's Waistcoat Pattern

    April 11, 2012 by Britex Fabrics

    The folks at the Costume and Textiles Department at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)worked with Thomas John Bernard, a theatrical costume designer, to draft several men’s clothing patterns, including this man’s waistcoat. Originally made in silk plain weave (faille) with silk embroidery, and circa 1740, we crave this in iridescent brown taffeta lined with cool wintergreen silk....marvelous for a starry late night riverside picnic. Download this PDF for an annotated pattern.

  • Cover Your Shoes with Fabric

    April 11, 2012 by Britex Fabrics

    What a fantabulous idea; Brookelynn from CraftZine has a tutorial for spiffing up old shoes with fabric. All you need are 1/2 yard of fabric, and a pair of sad, ugly shoes. We’d like to make like an urban Marie Antoinette, and cover a pair of sky-high wedgies with this lithesome embroidered silk fabric.

  • Make a Bespoke Necktie

    April 10, 2012 by Britex Fabrics

    Kathleen from Fashion-Incubator has a wonderfully detailed post on making bespoke men’s neckties via reverse engineering. I am practically enamored with the photo of her father’s military necktie, and the nifty idea of sewing button-holes in the back of the tie in order to keep it in place by fastening it to ones shirt.

  • Tetris Quilt Tutorial

    April 10, 2012 by Britex Fabrics

    Julie from QuilterGeek made this awesome Tetris quilt, and then created a Tetris quilt tutorial so you can make one too. Julie says, “I'm still practicing my machine quilting, but I really like this freehand design. I approached it like a curvy meander, but turned 90-degree angles instead. I was a bit wary of using the variegated thread, since any wonky quilting would show up very clearly on the back fabric, but I really like the way it turned out.”, and we agree!

  • Sportif Hoodie by Joel

    April 2, 2012 by Britex Fabrics

    There are hoodies, and then there are hoodies par excellence! Joel "J-Man Rocketscience" made this black and blue hoodie from sports fabrics from Britex Fabrics. He said, “I started with a basic hoodie pattern from The Green Pepper. From there, I added seams, shaping, and a lining that was different from the shell. The only original line is the front pocket opening, everything else has been changed. The hood was too complex to flat draft so a made a styrofoam mock up of my shoulders and head. From there I used a wire frame to locate the seams and laid paper patterns on them. After about 9 weeks of design, practice, and rework, I came to what you see now.” Who says sportif designs can’t also be uniquely fashionable?

  • Bridal & Evening Wear Event Review

    March 30, 2012 by Britex Fabrics

    Thank you to everyone who joined us on March 15 for our Bridal & Evening Wear open house, the first event in our Designer Spotlight Series where we invite customers to meet and mingle with a select group of seamstresses, tailors and designers. It was an exciting night of eye candy and information at Britex Fabrics with a plethora of talented designers, along with samples of their beauteous bespoke work.....all surrounded by the amazing silks and wools on Britex Fabric’s first floor. These events are the ideal situation to choose a designer for your custom garment needs. We would love to hear your feedback! Let us know what you thought if you joined us, or what kind of themes you'd like to see in future events. Don't miss our Upcoming Events -- Wardrobe Essentials (Thursday, May 31, 2012 from 7 - 9 pm), Costume & Corsetry (July 26, 2012), and Tailoring & Shirt-Making (September 20, 2012). See more photos on Britex Fabric’s flickr page! Photography graciously provided by Nadine Priestley.

  • Online Sale of Silk Print Fabrics (3/29/12 - 4/13/12)

    March 30, 2012 by Britex Fabrics

    Thursday, March 29th to Friday, April 13th, enjoy 20% savings on the entire online Silk Print Fabrics category! From feather-weight crêpe de Chine, to textured twill, to gossamer china silk, our silk prints are the perfect way to welcome Spring! Line a chic peplumed jacket, whip up a vintage-style blouse, or add a rolled hem to a silk square for a care-free scarf! (this sale is for online sales only)

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