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The latest updates and gatherings involving the Britex Community. Stay up to date and make sure to mark your calendars.


Information and tutorials for folks interested in antique Italian lacework, nouveau fashion, sewing techniques and much much more!

Cross-Dyed Linen Jacket with Bias Fringe

Hi, it’s Shams from Communing with Fabric with another garment made from a lovely Britex fabric!


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New Workshop — Fashion Design w/ Jamie Lau



Calling all fashionistas and fashion enthusiasts! Have you ever wanted to learn real world fashion skills from a full-time designer? Well, now is your chance. Jamie Lau, of Jamie Lau Designs, will be here on August 29th to show you the basics for beginning a successful move into the world of fashion. She will cover starter fashion drawing techniques, creating mood boards for color selection, and will help with fabric awareness. Students will have access to croquis (fashion figure templates), colored pencils, and markers for sketching. In addition, you will also create inspirational mood boards using magazine tears, fabric swatches, and collage.


Because space is limited, we encourage you to sign-up right away! See our events page for information on reserving your spot.

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Trending: African Wax Cottons!



The latest move in designer Resort Fashion ’15 has been leaning towards bright colors and bold prints, ranging from geometric to floral. One of the most inspiring trends, which we have been watching avidly, has been turning the spotlight towards traditional African Wax Cottons. And we love it! Our second floor has a lovely collection of bold prints that resemble some of the gorgeous runway outfits.

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Partaking Patrons Vol. X

Welcome to Partaking Patrons volume 10!

This is a bi-monthly post where Britex will be celebrating our customers and the gorgeous items they create with our materials. Interested in participating? Email us at [] for further information.


When one thinks of Britex it is not usually first on the list to think of historical costuming. But, as a matter of fact, we have a huge costuming clientele, the most well known right now being Terry Dresbach of Outlander. We serve up piles of wools and cottons and silks for specific and accurate reproductions that our costuming community yearns for. And this time of year particularly picks up with the encroaching Costume College festivities! Costume College (or lovingly referred to by those in the know as CoCo) is a long weekend conference held in Southern California that features workshops, demos, and lectures geared towards costuming and historical sewing. Each of the three days is also packed with events, such as an Ice Cream Social and an evening Gala, where attendees can wear and show off their beautiful creations. There also happens to be a pool party…




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Vivienne Westwood Meets ‘Thrones’



Vivienne Westwood has long been hailed as one of the leading off kilter designers; she leans heavily towards the punk, historical, and wildly imaginative all while using sumptuous and delicious textiles. This season she has launched a new line, which plays with androgynous and unisex designs. And here is the fun part…


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Online Novelty Fabric Sale!


Ready for textures, colors, and patterns galore? Than our upcoming Novelty Fabrics sale is sure to please. From July 28th to August 10th, receive 20% off all online Novelty Fabrics!

Quantities are limited, so order your swatches now for the best selection! This sale is good for our online Novelty Fabric categories only – in-store Novelty fabrics are not included in this sale.

Calling all bon vivants and glamour-pusses! Made of wool, silk, cotton, water resistant nylon, metallic and more, these fabrics make beautiful garments. Many of our novelty fabrics have a beautiful metallic shine which helps them stand out in the crowd, and many of our textured novelty fabrics are blends, lending them a wonderful pliability and sheen! Tweed, chenille, and bouclé novelty fabrics delight us with their contrast of nubby texture and soft hand, brocades possess a unique elegance…make a swinging bolero jacket, a floor length mysterious cape, a Chanel-style jacket, or a tailored vest; add elegance and style to any solid, understated little black outfit. This sale ends August 10th. (This sale is good for online Novelty Categories fabrics only – in-store novelty fabrics are not included in this sale)

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Metallic Pleated Skirt



Greetings friends of Britex! Sophie here from Ada Spragg. I’m very excited to share this hand-make with you because it is fabulous. And yes I’m allowed to say so myself because I still can’t believe it worked out. Plus after hand-pleating 4.2meters of fabric you kind of become your own hero! Let’s start with the fabric, because it is something very special. When I first saw the Brilliant Metallic Gold Stretch Linen & Cotton Blend I thought hey, that could be fun to play with. Then it turned up and I realized I had no idea what I was going to do with it.


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Yard Sale Challenge

All right, Britex store goers. Are you up for a challenge? Yes? Good. Because it’s contest time!



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Meet Our New Guest Blogger(s)!

As many of you know, Britex was on the hunt for a new Guest Blogger for our team. The response was overwhelming! We received so many wonderful applications from so many lovely and talented sewists that we had a terribly difficult time trying to narrow our search. It was not easy! We wanted to thank everyone for sending in blogs, photos, beautifully written letters, and excited emails; so much so that we wish we could have responded to everyone personally. So, please know we appreciate all of your efforts: thank you!




But, as with all things, a decision had to be made and so, without further ado, we would like to introduce the new addition to our team…


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What’s Trending Online!

We’ve been keeping tabs on what you all are buying from our website, and here is a quick list highlighting our hot sellers! Make sure to pick some of these up before the yardage is gone; there are some real pretties selling quickly.




First up!

a) Animal-esque Chocolate and White Silk Chiffon, $39.99/yd reg., *ON SALE! For $20.00/yd

b) Softest Whisper-Weight Viscose & Cashmere Knit (Made in Italy), $24.99/yd reg.

c) Heathered Taupe Plaid Stretch Wool (Made in Italy), $34.99/yd reg., *ON SALE! For $27.99 (Limited Stock)


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