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Silk Organza Frock – Britex Fabrics

This is a brilliant frock for cavorting in the cool waters of Trivali Fountain at 4am while singing “Dancing Queen”. The full skirt is created with exquisite imported Swiss silk fabric that is embroidered and appliquéd, then sprinkled with a scattering of clear crystals. The appliquéd fleurs are charmingly three-dimensional. This is a 2 7/8 yard piece, 54” wide, and costs $1,995 for the length. The bodice is made of a soft ivory silk Mikado which is 56” wide and $59.99 a yard. The waistline is enhanced with pliant double-faced black satin ribbon, and the choker is fashioned of a pair of beaded trim appliqués. The silk organza skirt is held beautifully aloft by 50 yards of 72” wide black nylon net.

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Knit Necktie for Father’s Day

Father’s day will be here in a few weeks. Knit ties are the latest fashion for the jaunty dad in your life. A pirate blue cotton knit tie would look perfect paired with summer whites while paddle-boating in Hyde Park on Serpentine Lake. This chic knit necktie is made using a garter stitch and one skein of fingering weight cotton blend yarn.

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Chantilly Lace Belt – Mary

Who could ever guess the amount of structure that goes into making this lacy waist-enhancing confection? Mary made this wide belt that is reminiscent of a waist cincher, of delicate French Chantilly lace. Beneath the lace, there are multiple layers of buckram, power net, silk chiffon, Swiss batiste, all fastened in the back with a leather buckle. (click photo to see a similar Chantilly lace trim)

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Basting Techniques

Basting is crucial for constructing well-fitted garments. Chapter 8 from the book “Paris Frocks at Home” (1930), covers basic basting techniques, including armhole basting, basting tucks or pleats, and basting points and curves to ensure sharp points and curvilinear curves. (Thanks to for providing us with this resource!)

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Wool Suit – Dale

Dale is wearing a wool tailored jacket and skirt in shades of toast. She chose the skirt pattern because the front seams line up with the jackets princess seams, forming a sleek vertical look. The jacket was made from a McCall’s Palmer and Pletsch pattern, and the skirt from a Style pattern (both are discontinued.) The skirt fabric was bought a few months ago from Britex’s wool sale table, the jacket is Britex wool flannel with silk charmeuse lining, and all of the notions were found on Britex’s 3rd floor. Dale demonstrated her finely honed sewing skills with numerous fitting alterations, made easier by the jacket’s multiple seams.

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Double-Tiered Wedding Veil & Pearled Silk

Laura is wearing an enchanting handmade double-tiered wedding veil. The veiling is made of silk tulle, and it is adorned with silk ribbon and vintage silk lace edging. The edging lace has a pyramid motif that is reminiscent of the Art Deco era, and is lightly embellished with glass seed beads. One veil is 21” long, and the other one is 24” long ($345).

We have paired it with a stunning, understated silk from our 1st floor. This gleaming ballet pink silk is scattered with luminous white pearls. It is $49.99/yard and 45” wide.

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Metal & Chiffon Fabric

Britex Fabrics has a 2 5/8 yard piece of this amazing silver metal-embellished black chiffon! This beaded fabric was used by the designer Katie Simone as a simple mini-skirt in her 2009 collection, and featured in InStyle magazine. We love the delicious contrast of the heavy cold metal, to the airy and soft chiffon. It is $350 for the piece, 4.25″ wide (metal to metal), and 2 7/8 yards in length.

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Ribbon Rosette

1. 2 yards glowingly hand-dyed silk ribbon
2. Needle and thread
3. Bobby pin, safety pin or hair band

1. Gather the silk ribbon with a running stitch along the edge of the length.
2. Overlap the edges, making sure the raw edges are brought to the back of the circle
3. Hold the overlapped ribbon and tighten the gathers by pulling on the thread.
4. Style the “petals”, and secure with a few stitches.
5. Tack to your bobby pin, safety pin, or hair band. You now have a blooming sweet posy!

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Fabric-Covered Headboard – Estee and Judd

Estee and Judd spent a weekend a few weeks ago constructing a fabric-covered headboard from Britex home decorating fabric. We love the creative ingenuity they displayed when arranging the sea creature montage. Estee and Judd were fabulous enough to document this project from start to finish, so look for more on the headboard project later this week!

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Costume Links from the GBACG

We are stunned by the Greater Bay Area Costume Enthusiasts links page! They have provided links to everything from Victorian hair work, to inspirational personal blogs featuring amazing sewn costumes, to Steam Punk. And we love their motto: Suo ergo maledico or “I sew, therefore, I swear.”

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