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  • Giant Knitted Blankets Created With Needles Made From PVC Piping (Mental Floss Studios / littledandelion)

    May 11, 2017 by Britex Fabrics


    Artist Jacqui Fink knits giant blankets with needles made from PVC piping. She even uses her arms for some giant projects. Watch this video from Mental Floss Studios and you will think your eyes are playing tricks on you! Check out more of Jacqui's extreme knitting on here website here. She has collaborated with fashion designers and artists, and creates commissioned pieces for commercial and residential interiors.

  • Talliaferro Classic Needleart & Summer Of Love Challenge (SFSNAD)

    May 10, 2017 by Britex Fabrics

    "Cocktail Glamour Hour" is a reticule by Marsha Schuld, created for the Talliaferro challenge
      Besides offering hand-embroidery day-classes for all levels, San Francisco School of Needlework and Design (SNAD) has become a center for the stitch community—across the Bay Area and around the world. One means of further promoting needlework and including followers from near and far is through SNAD’s three-time a year Stitch-at- Home Challenges.

  • Crochet Lace Installation - The Lace & Urchins (Choi + Shine)

    April 28, 2017 by Britex Fabrics

    The Lace 2016 Amsterdam Light Festival
    Installation Artists Jin Choi and Thomas Shine have created amazingly intricate larger than life crochet lace installation pieces for light festivals in Singapore (2017) and in Amsterdam (2016)

  • The First Sea Ice Master Hunters Used Advanced Sewing Techniques (Science Nordic)

    April 25, 2017 by Britex Fabrics

    1_sko_nu_med_baggrund_0 Archaeologists think that Greenland’s earliest people were master tailors. They used sewing needles that they created from bird bones and threads spun from animal tendons. These tools were advanced enough, that when used over 4,000 years ago by the Saqqaq people, they  were able to master hunting on sea ice; and were the first to ever do this. They used an overcast stitch which does not waste material. There aren't many clothing objects found from 4,000 years ago that appear to have been repaired, but shoes and socks wear a lot since they are used so much, which is why it is interesting that part of a sock, discovered by archeologists seems to have been repaired by the Saqqaq people.

  • Traditional Cross-Stitching Meets Modern Technology (Digital Arts from IDG)

    April 25, 2017 by Britex Fabrics

    image-5 Illustrator and designer Aled Lewis  created Toy Stories , a personal project, which became really popular back in 2011. Since then he’s continued creating a mixture of client and personal work, including an epic 30-ft cross-stitch tapestry depicting the Star Wars saga from Episode one through to Episode six. It was shown as part of his solo show – Such Pixels at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles.

  • European Quilt Triennale

    April 24, 2017 by Britex Fabrics

    high-summer-by-janet-twinn High Summer by Janet Twinn, Great Britain
    The European Quilt Triennale is one of the most prestigious textile art shows in Europe and was founded as Biennale in Heidelberg by the late German textile artist Doris Winter. It first debuted in Germany, and has since traveled to other places such as Great Britain and Switzerland. This show is like a museum of quilts!

  • Quilty pleasures: Six amazing quilts to inspire you to Get Creative (BBC Arts)

    April 13, 2017 by Britex Fabrics

    quilty-plesuresRecently BBC Arts featured a little bit of history of quilting with creative examples from kids and adults to inspire others to create quilts. Come check out the variety of quilting fabrics we have in stock at Britex Fabrics, or check us out online.

    "For early American settlers, quilt-making inspired generations of women to work together stitching and telling stories as they pieced together a new life amidst the harsh conditions of the New World.

    It’s more than likely quilting and patchwork came to North America courtesy of the first British families who emigrated there. Now, the craft is experiencing a creative rebirth with over 6,500 members of the Quilters’ Guild, plus many other artists and creative people making wonderful quilts blending the traditional and the contemporary."

    For the complete article, please visit the BBC Arts website here.

  • Beyond the Surface: Worldwide Embroidery Traditions at the de Young

    March 6, 2017 by Britex Fabrics


    Beyond the Surface: Worldwide Embroidery Traditions is a show that features embroidered costumes and accessories from around the world, and the garment and textiles featured will have distinct characteristics from the time period and region where they were created. Embroidery, which is the stitching of patterns in cloth with a needle and thread has been a technique used to embellish costumes and textiles for centuries. Embroidery may be used purely as a decorative embellishment, but may also be used to construct a garment as well. The threads, patterns, and/or colors may indicate who created the garment.

    "Embroidery stitches, of which there are many different kinds, derive from three basic types: flat, knotted, and linked and looped. Flat stitches, such as running and satin stitches, are individual stitches that lie atop a fabric’s surface and are made without crossing or looping the thread. Knotted stitches, where the thread is knotted upon itself, are used to create raised patterns and textures. Linked and looped stitches, such as chain, are formed by securing a stitch with the following one and are used to create bands of embroidery."

    For more information or to order tickets for Beyond the Surface: Worldwide Embroidery Traditions, please visit the de Young website here.


  • On the Grid - Textiles & Minimalism at the de Young

    January 31, 2017 by Britex Fabrics

    Now on display in the Wais and Knowles Galleries of Textile Arts at the de Young Museum, experience On the Grid: Textiles and Minimalism. This exhibit features textiles from around the world, all which share similar aesthetics found in minimalist works. The universal principles of design, such as symmetry, grids, repetition and simple forms are found in the artworks on display.



    "Minimalist art is based upon pre-existing systems that conceive of the artwork in advance of its actual execution. These systems, often mathematical, rely on the repetition of simple forms. Textiles by their very nature comply with these core elements, and textile artists, like the Minimal artists, predetermine the finished work through their selection and processing of materials and in the warping or preparing of the loom. On the Grid examines these processes and further explores both the preeminence of weaving in the textile design vocabulary and its influences on the design of painted and dyed pieces that also conform to Minimalism’s repetition of forms and the grid as patterning devices."

    This show expresses "beauty in simplicity", through abstraction, precision, geometry, materiality and the process itself.
    For more information or to order tickets, please visit the de Young website here.


  • Metallic Linen Palazzo Pant Jumpsuit + Fashion Inspiration by Guest Blogger Jamie Lau

    January 31, 2017 by Jamie Lau Designs

    jld_novelty_01312017_main I’m often drawn to fabrics with texture, particularly fashion novelty fabrics. I particularly love working with metallic brocades when I want to achieve a certain luxury feel. You may recall this Linen Palazzo Pant Jumpsuit style from one of my previous posts. It is definitely a customer favorite! I have been exploring new fabrics to offer it in this season and was happy to find this beautiful, luxurious linen novelty fabric. The metallic finish adds visual interest and elevates the material, yet still meets my criteria for functionality since it is a linen. A brocade would be too thick for the look and ease of this silhouette. Plus, I wanted to work with a fabric that was easy to care for.

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