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  • Free Newsboy Cap Pattern

    July 19, 2013 by Monsieur Du Jour

    silk cap copyIt is sullenly overcast with brief bursts of uncertain sunlight – perfect San Francisco summertime weather. I’m off to meander in North Beach. My plan and my attire are meticulously laid out; worn jeans, a white shirt, a caramel vintage cardigan, red suede desert boots, a café au lait, then a long satisfying prowl through the narrow aisles of City Lights bookstore, a Luciano Special sandwich and an Orangina from Molinari Delicatessen, a Napoleon from Stella’s, and then a languorous mid-day picnic in Washington Square Park. Later, I’ll tip my two-tone caramel and baby blue silk newsboy cap over my eyes and do a little cloud watching, interspersed with reading The Edges of Time from Kay Ryan’s book The Best of It, New and Selected Poems.
    It is at the edges
    that time thins.
    Time which had been
    dense and viscous
    as amber suspending
    intentions like bees
    unseizes them. A
    humming begins,
    apparently coming
    from stacks of
    put-off things or
    just in back. A
    racket of claims now,
    as time flattens. A
    glittering fan of things
    competing to happen,
    brilliant and urgent
    as fish when seas

    (Kay Ryan)

  • Japanese Indigo Cotton

    May 30, 2013 by Monsieur Du Jour

    I set the phonograph needle down carefully, and Etta James’ husky voice pours into my living room like wild honey, sweetening the night and my soul in equal measures. Wrapping my cotton dressing gown tightly around me, I admire the hand-stamped wheat sheaves print and the deep indigo color . Despite the fact that it is May, the fog has rolled in bringing a chill. As Mark Twain supposedly said, "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco"...and he is correct. Etta, a steaming bath, Earl Grey tea, the full moon, and a cat upon my lap keep me warm.
    Oh, it's so good
    On a cold night
    To have a fire
    Burnin' warm and bright
    ” (R. Newman)
    Monsieur Dandy Du Jour

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