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Fabulous, chic, and sophisticated, boucle fabrics are as beautiful as they are complex. Derived from the French word for ‘curled’ or ‘looped’, boucles have an exceedingly rich and intricate history and a unique weaving process.

The boucle weave is a multi-step process. At the base of every fabric is its yarn: and boucle is special because it is made up of three different threads, which are looped together to create a single yarn. These three threads are commonly referred to as the core, which operates as the base of the yarn, the effect, which is what creates the marvelous the texture of the yarns, and finally the binder that holds it all together. After the yarns have been spun together the weaving process is the same as a plain weave, but the results are anything but plain!  Most commonly made from wool, these threads can consist of many different fiber contents and can even incorporate sequins and metallic threads for added glitz.

The history of boucle is just as fascinating as the weave. First showcased in 1954 in Paris by Coco Chanel, boucle gained popularity as fashion icons like Jackie O. made it part of their signature style. Today, the boucle Chanel suit is universally recognizable.

At Britex, we love boucle! And we have a dizzying array of it. From tone-on-tone gems in fuschia, green, cream, red, blue and black, to tweeds, stripes, plaids, checks, confetti-pepper and metallic, we have just about every kind of Chanel boucle that you can dream of--from Italy, Paris and Spain. So come in and get inspired!

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  • Louise Hundertmark says:

    In university Home Ec/Clothing & Textiles program, 1952-56. We studied many textiles, but had no idea boucle was so 'young'! After Sept baby, I made my first boucle (red), 2pc dress for Christmas 1958...showing off the baby, & my svelte self!

    January 24, 2019 at 4:24 pm