Therapy Pillows by Marlene (

August 9, 2017 by Britex Fabrics 0 comments

"The wool felt works beautifully. One can always depend on Britex to find what one needs. I set foot in that store for the first time 50 years ago. The possibilities to create a design with this pillow are endless It can be geometric or abstract. I really think it could be beneficial for people with dementia or disabilities to pass the time."  - Marlene (

Marlene is a master needlepoint finisher specialist who has been creating custom pillows, ornaments, and purses for many years. Most recently, she has been creating Therapy Pillows which can help "keep hands busy and inventive". These pillows can be an excellent tool for people with dementia and Alzheimers. Many pieces of her work can be viewed here.

100% wool felt is available in an array of colors on the first floor of our brick-and-mortar store. Britex also has dozens of colors of felt fabric blends on the third floor by the yard and square.