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3 Hand Sewing Tutorials for Making Fabric Daffodils (by Crafty Staci)

April 20, 2017 by Britex Fabrics 0 comments


These three tutorials by Crafty Staci were experiments she created during a long crazy winter, in anticipation of spring. For the first version, you’ll need five 4” squares and one 1 1/2 x 20” strip of fabric and a small circle of felt, about 1” across.  You will also need a 2” square of fabric.

For the second version, you’ll need the same cuts of fabric, excluding the 2” square.  Prepare the triangles the same way, but instead of sewing the triangles and strip together, just sew the triangles together by themselves.  Stitch a long running stitch near the raw edge of the folded strip.  Gather.

For the materials needed for the third tutorial, which is Staci's favorite, and detailed steps for all three of these tutorials, please visit Crafty Staci's post here.