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This Just In: All New Japanese Cotton Prints (In-Store Second Floor)

April 14, 2017 by Britex Fabrics 0 comments

japanese-indigo-printsThe dyeing techniques used in the production of Japanese cotton prints are of a wide variety: paste-resist (tsutsugaki), shaped-resist (shabori), and ikat (kasuri), as well as composite techniques that use 2 or more of these techniques together.

Other techniques include wax-resist (batik), stencil dyeing (katazome) and free-hand. Yuzen which was invented around 1700 is one of the most famous Japanese dyeing techniques. It is a combination of either freehand or stenciled paste-resist work and hand-application of dyes. These fabrics wash beautifully and the colors stay vibrant practically forever! A wide variety of these gorgeous Japanese cotton print fabrics are available in our store.