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Gathers, Gathers, Gathers by Guest Blogger Erin (MissCrayolaCreepy)

March 27, 2017 by MissCrayolaCreepy 0 comments


What do you guys think about my wild new blouse? No, I am not going to Woodstock and yes, I am totally feeling this groovy fabric (peace, love, and Britex Fabrics).
The pattern is the SBCC Gibson and I had not made it until planning this project and I'm so glad I did, especially in this beautiful butterfly print silk crepe de chine! . I know the word "silk" can strike fear in a sewist's heart, but this was not an especially difficult fabric to sew. And if you are still nervous about making something with silk then check out this blog post I wrote with some tips on making it a little easier.

Gathers, gathers, gathers. This psychedelic silk butterfly fabric may not be the best for displaying the sewing details in this garment, but I wanted to make this pattern and fabric combo happen. They're there on the bodice front, sleeves, and back of the shirt, I promise! That said, I'd like to show you guys my simple technique for gathering fabric.

1. Cut out your pattern piece and snip any notches as indicated by the pattern. On this sleeve the fabric needs to be gathered in between the notches, which can be hard to see when one is using a colorful butterfly print. Ask me how I know.


2. I don't think this is a step that everyone does, but it makes such a difference. I like using some chalk in a contrast color to mark where the notches are located. Once the fabric is all bunched up it is hard to find the little snips in the fabric and this marking technique makes it a million times easier to pinpoint the spots you are trying to match up.


3. Two rows of basting stitches are all that is needed to gather the fabric, but three is my preference. The first line is 1/4 inch from the edge, the second is 1/2 inch, and the third is 3/4 inch. I also like using a contrasting thread for this step because it is easier to see. Also, if the basting thread blends into the fabric too well I can be lazy and not remove all the extra thread.


4. Pull the three top threads to gather the fabric.


5. Match up the two pattern pieces together and adjust the gathers as necessary.


I hope you like my blouse as much as I do! If you do you can buy the fabric here and if you don't then feel free to lurk the silk section on Britex's website
to find your new favorite fabric. I would give the current selection three thumbs up if I could!


Erin Fosmire likes reading, sewing leopard print stuff, beach walking, quilting, and knitting in Pismo Beach, California. She is currently life sidekicking with her husband Luke and living with their three cats and two dogs. You can read her blog or find her on Instagram.