Tutorial: Tote Bag in Two-Tone Linen

July 8, 2014 by One Eleven Studio 0 comments


Hello all!  It’s Tori from One Eleven Studio here to teach you how to make a tote bag that’s roomy enough to pretty much fit whatever you need for your summer outings! For this project, I used a beautiful two-toned heavy weight Belgian Linen fabric that has an amazing texture and is soft to the touch. I wanted to create a tote bag tutorial that was super simple and relatively quick to make so let’s get started!


Finished Measurements

Approximately 17 ½” w x 13” h



1 yard fabric for the exterior of the bag and handles

½ yard coordinating fabric for lining

Marking Pen

Thread to match exterior fabric (I recommend cotton)


Construction Notes

Use ¼- inch seam allowances throughout


Cut Fabric


Image 2


Outer Fabric

1. Cut two square pieces from the outer fabric measuring 18 ½” w x 15 ½ “ h




2. Creating an L shape at the bottom corners of your cut pieces, measure and draw a line starting from the edge going in that is 3” long and then a 3” line going down.  Cut along the line.


3. From the outer fabric cut 2 pieces that measure 3 ½” w x 24” long these pieces will be used for the straps.



Repeat Steps 1 & 2 to create your lining fabric



Make Straps


Image 4

4. Working with one 3 ½” x 24” piece at a time fold in half and press to make a crease.


Image 5

5. Open it back up and fold both edges in to meet the crease you’ve just made and press.


Image 6

6. With the edges still folded in at the crease fold in half again and press creating a 1” strap.

Stitch closed.



Sew Outer fabric

L shape

7. With right sides together align pin and stitch the sides and the very bottom leaving the L shape open.


creating gusset

8. Create a gusset at the bottom of the bag by joining the edges from the L shape you’ve made.


Image 7

Stitch across and trim.


Image 8

9. With the edges of the straps slightly above the top edge of the exterior fabric, pin the straps in place positioning it 5 ½” in from both side seams.  Make sure the straps aren’t twisted.


10.  Set your sewing machine to the longest stitch length and stitch a line across each strap to keep in place.


11. Turn bag right side out.


Sew Lining

opening image_edited-1

12. With right sides together align pin and stitch the sides.  Stitch the bottom leaving  a 6” opening.  We will use this opening to turn the bag right side out.


13. Create the gusset by repeating step 8.


Finish Bag

Image 9

14. Insert the outer bag inside the lining making sure that right sides are facing each other.  Align the seams, pin in place and stitch around the top edge of the bag.


Image 10

15. Pull the outer bag through the 6” opening of the lining.  Tuck the edges in and press the opening gap.  Stitch closed.


16. Push the lining into the exterior of the bag making adjustments until everything is nice and neat and press.  Enjoy your new handmade bag!


Image 1