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Launch Party Re-cap: Celebrating in Good Company

July 1, 2014 by Britex Fabrics 0 comments


How was our big workshop space launch party, you ask? Amazing!



These ladies were spectacular, making our party a huge success. Each one offered their own unique glimpse into sewing, and consequently, there was something to inspire every type of sewer.



Guests took their time making their decision at the raffle wall. Prizes included:




4| LIESL & CO. Women's Metro T-shirt

5| LIESL & CO. Men's Metro T-shirt

6| BRITEX FABRICS TOTE BAG Glimmer, Glamour, Gleam

7| WOOL INFINITY SCARF from Britex wool jersey



Make & take craft projects were ongoing with Liberty headbands and fabric covered buttons.



It all started with Shams of Communing with Fabric with a talk about closures. She showed us several impressive jackets and coats with creative closures. We love her use of texture, too. Each of her pieces are completely unique with gorgeous detailing and somehow all come together to create a well rounded style.



Beth of Sunny Gal Studio made an entrance with a perfectly fitted summertime dress. She shared with us her story and talked about her values as a sewer of many years. Fit is evidently very important and so is hand work. She added at the end that it doesn't matter what machine you use. What really makes the difference is the skilled hand work.



We had to throw a curve ball and knew just who to add to the mix. Jacqui of Birds of a Thread shared with us in brief what she knows about the fashion industry to inspire us to create more ethical wardrobes. She brought in several garments to exemplify that more responsible manufacturing models are available. Her presentation was extremely insightful, and though she'll tell you this was her worst bout of stage fright since middle school, none of us could tell.



Seamstress Erin, now Seamstress Erin Ph.D., revealed some big plans. Among those plans is a wedding, a big move away from the SF Bay Area and soon a new pattern line. Some of that news makes us happier than other parts. With the full-blown energy of someone who is half-packed and traveling tomorrow, she was kind enough to come in and share her story with us all.



Next, Nicole of Nicole at Home took us through her journey of sewing a wardrobe. She explained that her passion for sewing, unlike many others', grew from wanting a well-made wardrobe that would not inspire others to ask "did you make that?" She has come a long way since making her first pair of jeans that stood out as self-made. She showed us dresses, tops, pants and even a coat---all expertly made in top-quality fabrics.



From a modern wardrobe to vintage reproductions, Laura Mae of Lilacs & Lace spoke about the pleasures of taking her time with vintage sewing techniques. With a background in costume design, she's all about a garment looking authentic from the outside. What she's learned since is that she has equal respect for a garment that is true to the times behind the seams as well.



We had some great questions and discussions during each Q&A.




Guests and speakers chatted for a while as the event wrapped-up.

Thank you to everyone who joined us. We are especially thankful for our community of bloggers and the few that participated in making this event extra special. Shams, Beth, Jacqui, Erin, Nicole and Laura Mae---thank you so much for sharing your expertise, experience and time with us!


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Thank you to the ladies in the intro picture for allowing us to snap a quick shot of them in their gorgeous print dresses.