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Self-drafted Outfit in Khaki & Silk

June 9, 2014 by Nicole at Home 0 comments



Here, fellow sewists, is the culmination of my semester-long pattern making class!  Throughout the semester, we did a few guided full-scale garments (such as my button-down shirt and an unblogged bias-cut skirt), but this assignment was to draft a garment of our own design, then sew it in fashion fabric.  We were allowed to make our final project in our own measurements, and being the pragmatic that I am, I designed a fairly basic work-appropriate outfit.  Perhaps I should have made something a little more exciting, but this way, I'll get a lot of use out of my hard work!   Both fabrics are from Britex, and I selected them for just such an outfit.  




Truly, the butterfly silk print (no longer available, but this is similar) really directed the design of the top--flutter sleeves ('circle sleeves', according to my textbook) and a flouncy peplum, with a nod to the vintage.   To liven up the neckline a bit, I added a keyhole feature, with self-loop and button:






There is an invisible zipper on the side and all of the seams are French (including the armholes).  I definitely referred to Jen's post "French all your seams" during the construction!




For the sleeves and hem, I used my narrow rolled hem foot, which worked (mostly) beautifully.






For the skirt, I used stretch cotton khaki fabric since I really needed a neutral skirt.  To be truthful, it is not very exciting--just a basic, low waist skirt with a contoured waistband, four panels, pockets and a side zip.  What it lacks in interest, though, it makes up in practicality!  Ha!




It’s a bit too roomy, but at least I'll be comfy in my super practical skirt!




One negative of this otherwise lovely stretch cotton fabric is that after washing it, it was terribly wrinkled!  (This skirt was made from a second length of fabric, unwashed).  I'll probably have to dry clean the skirt, which is a true bummer.  On the other hand, I machine-washed and dried the silk (on delicate) and it came out of the machine in great shape!




After a semester-long course on pattern making, I feel like I have enough info to be dangerous; there's still a lot left to learn!  Luckily, I'm enrolled in the Fall for Pattern making II!






As for my grade…I somehow scored a 100% on my outfit!  I'm guessing the teacher was overwhelmed with other grading and an impending move of the whole fashion department to spend too much time picking apart my design!


My garment looked decidedly more impressive because if its high-end fabrics—thank you Britex!