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Touring Britex After Hours: Britex History Meets Fabrics 101

March 26, 2014 by Britex Fabrics 0 comments


Here it is---the much discussed Britex After-Hours Tour. So what happens during these evening hours is no longer a secret. First, visitors are greeted and helped to a fine selection of cheese and an assortment of drinks from white wine to sparkling cider. Geana Sieburger, Britex's educator and programs gal, leads the tour floor by floor starting with a quick chat about what attracted everyone to the tour.

She talks about the family history behind Britex, the decades-old connections that allow this fabric store to be like no other and the systems that keep it meticulously neat.



Everyone gets to feel carded wool fiber in an explanation of woolen vs. worsted. There is so much to be said about silk too, including clearing up misconceptions about satin (a weave) and silk (a fiber).



From feather-light Chantilly lace to re-embroidered Alençon lace, Geana briefly explains what sets these European imports apart from the mass produced varieties.



On to the 2nd floor to discuss jacquard weaving in the Home Decor department.



Geana addresses burning curiosities such as, "what is selvage, anyway?" A piece of selvage denim serves as the perfect example.



On the 3rd floor, we pay respect to 'the wall of bling' just above the buckle counter and across from the bridal department.



Moving across the vast buttons selection to a seemingly endless selection of ribbon, we discuss the different characteristics of a variety of ribbon from grosgrain to bias-cut silk.



We wrap-up the tour on the 4th floor with a discussion about what's to come in 2014---more exciting workshops by designers, a discount fabrics section on the 4th floor and other juicy not yet to be disclosed news bits.

The next After-Hours Tour is on Wednesday, April 16. Visit our Events Page for more information.

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