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Silk Crepe de Chine & 1,000+ Silk Pins - Wesley

September 23, 2013 by Britex Fabrics 0 comments

black silk dress copyI was called onto the first floor a few weeks ago to see this amazing evening gown made of Britex Fabrics’ silk crepe de chine that Wesley designed and sewed. Both creative and intellectual, he is a mathematician, fashion designer, and sewist. We were much taken with the glittering bandolier of silk sewing pins. He said, “One night, while pinning the fabric pieces together, I dropped a box of 500 silk pins on the floor. That gave me the idea to incorporate the pins onto the dress, so I bought a couple more boxes of silk pins and attached over a thousand of them in parallel fashion onto the shoulder strap. This move created a sense of dangerous beauty-- just what I needed. Nicknamed "midnight," this mysterious dress is the final piece in my "Phases of the Day" couture collection. I designed it in the Greek style using my original pattern and created it from Gucci silk crepe de chine. The entire process took over 90 hours. This dress was custom made for a model”, however Wesley also does custom work. Online Solid and Sheer Silk fabric categories are on sale through Monday, September 30th -