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MoAD and Britex

September 11, 2013 by Geana 1 comment(s)


We had the pleasure of working with this, at first energetic, group of gals from the Museum of African Diaspora last month. They were part of MoAD's summer program, Behind the Lens: Girls of Color and the Media.

This four week summer program for girls aged 11-13 will explore media's portrayal of girls/women of color in front of and behind the lens. Behind the Lens inspires young girls of color to place the images, sounds and words they hear and see every day into a historical and cultural context. In collaboration with Streetside Stories girls will develop their own video story using research and interactive activities to celebrate and learn about the lives of accomplished (known and unknown) women of color throughout the African Diaspora.



First things first. They each had to decide what they would make for the program finale fashion show---top, skirt, dress or tote bag. Next, it was time for a field trip to Britex Fabrics to pick out their fabrics. They were allowed two yards of one fabric or one yard each of two fabrics. They quickly gravitated to what they liked, which made our job super easy!



Time to be proud! It is such a satisfying feeling to wear something you've made with your own hands. We're so glad we were able to be part of that process with the Behind the Lens group.


From head wraps to vests, the gals went beyond the patterns' instructions and perhaps their own expectations. We're so proud of their work.


The group looking a little bit less energetic after two hours of shopping.

Thank you Yetunde and Simone for being so delightful and so much fun to work with!

1 Response to MoAD and Britex

  • Wanett says:

    How beautiful are these girls!!! I love seeing posts lik these in my feed!

    September 19, 2013 at 11:20 am