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Support Local Organic Cotton Grower

August 5, 2013 by Geana 0 comments


A visit to an organic cotton farm in Capay Valley left us completely enamored with Sally Fox, local grower of naturally colored organic cotton Foxfibre. She's been at it for decades and clearly loves it! After spending some time on her farm last week, I learned for myself that growing organic cotton is a lot of hard work and takes the hands and support of many.


We gladly volunteered our time to support Sally's project. Creeping weeds making their way up and around the cotton plants can drastically affect how much cotton each plant produces. Our task as weeders was to remove anything that wasn't cotton by the root. In large enough gaps, we planted black eyed peas to enrich the soil with nitrogen. It was an incredibly satisfying experience to participate in the very beginning stages of the textile making process. I can't wait to go back and see the bolls grow through the beautiful burgundy blossoms. With our community's support we can all soon enjoy Sally's organic cotton.


Learn more about Sally's beautiful naturally colored cotton called Foxfibre and support this local organic grower. Her fundraising campaign ends on August 30. Visit and contribute HERE. There are still plenty of amazing yarns, socks, sweaters and other goodies to win in exchange for contribution.