It’s not everyday that Britex has teachers, and even more rare, that a Britex teacher gets a pro bono Tinype portrait taken at Photobooth in the Mission. This rare moment is due to the fact that Photobooth will be hosting POP-UP Britex taught by Jamie Lau on May 16.

It was an awesome experience. We arrived, were made comfortable and had great conversation about art, photography and our current projects. Within about 15 minutes the plates were set and our photographer was ready to shoot.

After we were photographed, we were invited into the dark room, something neither Jamie or I had done since college. In just minutes the blank plates revealed our images. Here they are in an enclosed drying rack.

And, here is Jamie in her very San Francisco dress—just one way you can play with fabric and pattern to create a more interesting design.

Register for Jamie’s Pattern Blocking Workshop HERE.