Giving season is here and Britex Fabrics in collaboration with Poppy Von Frohlich has a big present for you! Tell us about your biggest sewing blunder-turned-triumph to enter to win this one-of-a-kind coat by Poppy Von Frohlich. Win it for yourself or gift it to a very special someone.

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The talented designer and owner of Poppy Von Frohlich, Trudy Hodges, shares with us the many blunders that have led to an impressive San Francisco business.

The foundation of my small business is based on my knowledge of sewing and pattern drafting.  Knowledge that was earned….

Fanatically sewing for 10 years has yielded in an abundance of blunders, heartache and, eventually, some great successes.  Sewing and pattern drafting is a developed skill, no born-with-talent involved.  My blunders are aplenty:  Before I knew the difference between knits and wovens I used a straight stitch on jersey undies, the seams popped and they fell apart.  I made a woven fitted shirt for work but didn’t bother to put a zipper in, so I would spend a painful 5 minutes squirming in and out of it each time I wore it.  While learning to tailor wool coats, I managed to trim my seam allowances to 1/16”; it didn’t take long for those seams to unravel, wasting hundreds of dollars.  I made my husband a beautiful pea coat with a pad stitched collar and lapels and welt pockets, but I cut the armholes wrong and he couldn’t move his arms.  I am not sure how that detail was overlooked while making the coat, but it was and so the coat has never seen daylight.  I have made silk camisoles with saggy busts and pants that have camel-toe and skirts that make me look pregnant, hats that are too small, they just sit up on top of my head, unlined wool skirts that make my bum itch all day, dresses with TOO much shaping so I cannot move properly while wearing them.  I have made button-up shirts that cut into my underarm leaving sore red marks by the end of the day, a bra that was so tight I felt ill within five minutes of wearing it.  I made the UGLIEST dress to wear to my sisters wedding; this blunder was a matter of lapse in taste, not skill.  I made a long straight skirt without a slit, I couldn’t walk.  A couple of times I made clothes I loved, but didn’t bother to pre-shrink the fabric, one wash later it was of no use.  I have learned that ribbon does not make a good spaghetti strap if you actually need to hold up breasts, I now know the extreme importance of interfacings in waistbands, I also have learned that no matter how cheap the fabric is if it is old and tender it WILL fall apart.  Blunders?  Yes, quite a few.  It is OK though, without them I wouldn’t have Poppy von Frohlich, my small company that is founded on all my blunders corrected.

– Trudy Hodges

About the coat:
– Completely one-of-a-kind
– Top-notch fabrics from Britex Fabrics: Slate Grey Double-Faced Wool Melton Coating (Made in Italy) & colorful designer Italian knit
– Size 4 (34 1/2 bust, 27 waist, 37 hip)
– Made by Trudy herself with tons of hand-sewing tailoring techniques

Submit entries here or email to by midnight on December 19. Winner will be announced on December 21.