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Wool Melton Coat by Poppy Von Frohlich

October 4, 2012 by Britex Fabrics 0 comments

October's contributing designer is Trudy of Poppy Von Frohlich. Read on to learn about her first hand experience with our beautiful wool melton.

"The coat is my own design and pattern.  I chose this rich Charcoal Melton and I accented it with a colorful Italian knit. The knit is backed with a silk organza that is fused and then blind stitched to the knit using the finest silk thread from Japan.  I lined the body in flannel and the sleeves in poly satin. The buttons are mock because I felt the knit would unravel if I cut buttonholes, so I used a hook/eye and some snaps.

I try to make my coats have a balanced serious-charm.  The deep charcoal color in the structured Melton offsets the colorful Italian knit and the playful peter-pan collar and bib design.  The bib is great because it appears to be all design but in reality it is a dart, it creates shape for the bust.  The back pleat is left soft at the hem and the pockets are hand stitched on so it evokes a vintage hand-made feel. Melton is tricky because it is easily scorched with the iron.  I used paper between the iron and wool and again under all seam allowances while pressing.  I did get a little scorch mark under one of the pockets and I was able to minimize it by pressing over it with the paper and some steam.

Wool coats have been my focus for about 6 years.  I have been making coats for private clients and last month I opened my on-line boutique to the public.  I am specializing in limited edition designs, made in sewing factories in San Francisco and made with beautiful fabrics.  I make the samples myself that go to the factory with highlighted notes of exactly how I like things to be sewn.  It took me a long time to find a factory that was willing to do the special hand sewing my coats required but I finally did and I love them!  Since I am my own retailer I can keep my prices a little lower than traditional retail.  All in all, Poppy Von Frohlich is my dream company and I am so happy that wool coats are in my life every day."

Thanks to Molly for participating in our photo shoot. See more pictures of the wool coat on our Pinterest page.