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Mother's Day Quilt Block - Melody

April 27, 2012 by Britex Fabrics 1 comment(s)

Shhhh……the talented and warm-hearted Melody, from Britex Fabrics’ 2nd floor, created this crazy quilt heart block as her contribution to a very special Mother's Day project for Mrs. Spector, the founder of Britex Fabrics! The square measures 12” by 16” and is completely hand quilted and hand embroidered. It took Melody about five weeks to design and execute the project. We love the pictures of Mrs. Spector, Melody, and the iconic Britex Fabrics’ sign that Melody included in her quilted masterpiece. Photos by Charlie Wambeke.

1 Response to Mother's Day Quilt Block - Melody

  • Britex Fabrics says:

    Hi Ric,
    Thanks for the complement on Melody's quilts. I'll pass it along to her. Although we do not have quilting cottons in our online store, we have some on the 2nd floor. I would call us at 415-392-2910 (Monday - Saturday 10 am to 5:30 pm) to speak to someone about current availability....perhaps Melody could assist!

    May 8, 2012 at 8:13 pm