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How to Make Suave-tastic Sock Garters

December 1, 2010 by Britex Fabrics 1 comment(s)

Don’t let sartorial dejection impede success! Sock garters are for everyone, not just kilt-wearers! Haley of wildwoodflwrv posted this easy-peasy tutorial on how to make sock suspenders. Make them in several colors and coordinate with your suit trousers! Sock garters add a hidden suave finishing touch to any attire.

1 Response to How to Make Suave-tastic Sock Garters

  • michelle says:

    Hi, Britex!

    Oh, hello! How I have missed you! I'm finally back at sewing, and finally remembered: BRITEX FABRICS! Oh, yeah! How I remember hustling up from the Financial District (I worked at Bechtel Engineering) on my 35-min. lunch break to get fabric from Britex! I'd get in the elevator, after a more than aerobic 15-minutes (this was in the '70s, before aerobics existed), and I'd hit the button for: the 2nd floor! Oh, I was in heaven! For as long as I could afford to be there, and not afford to be late for the return to work, I was in fabric heaven. When it came to Notions, I seem to recall they were on a different floor. That's just me for ya. It doesn't matter, just the memories of being there on my lunchtime, when fabric was all that mattered to me as a diversion from a monotonous office job. I made everything I wore to work during my entire 20s (the '70s), the cutest styles, all worn with opaque tights (in all the pastels, and I remember: Aubergine!) from Lew Serbin's on Geary (I used to be a ballet dancer, also)! The men swooned! I've sewn ballet costumes, and have my own line of string bikinis, pajamas, and sundresses (everything a woman could need, right?) Now, fabric is still my passion, but my entire life is exciting to me, and I'm so happy to remember Britex, like a good San Francisco native (how lucky are we!), and finding it on line. Whenever I need to get "fabric stoked," I can just google Britex, and I'm there, at the best. FYI, re: my exciting life? Well, I'm back in school, and after getting my Masters in Library Sciences, so I can work in a textile archive somewhere (I know French!), I'm continuing at the Art Institute's Textile Dept., and going from there! Paris, here I come! Thanks, Britex Fabrics, for all the good memories!xoxo Michelle

    December 1, 2010 at 2:44 am