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Information and tutorials for folks interested in antique Italian lacework, nouveau fashion, sewing techniques and much much more!

Truly Victorian and Decades of Style – Retro Reproduction Patterns

Britex Fabrics carries the retro reproduction patterns, Truly Victorian and Decades of Style! These are great for making springtime lawn party, and afternoon tea gathering garb.

(pictured are Decades of Style 2502 & Truly Victorian TV292)

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How to Sew on a Button

There is an art to sewing buttons on a garment correctly. Many folks fail in this deceptively simple task with a tangle of broken thread and bloody fingertips. Ragnar Torfason from the Tempus’ Sewing & Garb Accessories Weeb Site has written beautifully clear, accurate instructions for sewing shank and holed buttons. Yeah, Ragnar!

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RESCHEDULED – Fashion & Fabric 2010 – Sandra Betzina & Britex Fabrics


  • Get tips on working on some of the new fabrics: stretch wovens, microfibers, knits, boiled wool, sheers, tulle, silks, stretch moleskin, vinyl shearling and more.
  • Learn when and how to underline.
  • Learn how to make bias cuts work for you as well as how to prevent drag lines on seams and make invisible hems.
  • Get the lowdown on appropriate seam and hem finishes for a variety of different fabrics.
  • Learn how to insert flawless invisible zippers.

Sandra Betzina, host of the Power Sewing WebTV Show, is a world-renowned sewing instructor. Sandra is the author of More Fabric Savvy, Fast Fit, Power Sewing Step-by-Step, Sandra Sews for the Home and No Time to Sew. She has produced a skill series of 11 DVDs and also designs a full line of patterns for Vogue under the Today’s Fit Tab. Sandra is also a popular speaker and hosts several week-long sewing retreats in San Francisco throughout the year. For more information about Sandra Betzina, the Power Sewing WebTV Show and her books and patterns visit

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Short Black Wool Jacket – Mia

Mia designed this short black jacket with its gigantic collar, elbow-length sleeves, and vibrant red contrasting lining for a class. The jacket is made of wool from Britex’s 1st floor, and the oversized white buttons with metal holes are from our 3rd floor. The jacket is beautifully designed and constructed. (She has been sewing for just one year. And of course she got an “A”!)

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Exclusive – Peace Silk

This particular Peace silk is 100% hand-loomed, made by a women’s cooperative in Central India. Close to 500 women are supported by the weaving and yarn production. This product is Fair Trade and GOTS certified. Peace silk is a process whereby the silk worm is not killed for its silk and instead is allowed to complete its life cycle from cocoon to moth. Smaller, fragmented pieces of silk yarn are woven together to produce a thicker, nubby yarn which gives peace silk its beautiful striated look and thick, luminescent feel. Using Peace silk for your project is a glorious exercise in sustainability – the moths live, the women’s co-op thrives, and you look & feel beautiful. We have just a few yards of this exclusive fabric at 48” wide and $34.99/yard.

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Craft Bar: Thursday, March 4th between 4pm & 8pm

Craft Bar with Etsy Labs at MOCFA SF returns! 2010 launches with an eco-savvy theme for the conscientious consumer. On Thursday, March 4th between 4pm to 8pm craftastic classes and schmoozing begins! One of our crafty Britex employees will teach folks how to crochet with recycled plastic bags, and there will also be guided knitting lessons. Sip locally-brewed refreshments, nibble on homemade baked goods, and visit the new exhibit Rhythm and Hues: Cloth and Culture of Mali for inspiration. All skill levels welcome: materials and instruction will be provided. 51 Yerba Buena Lane. SF 94103.

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Antique Beaded Coin-Purse (France, 1827)

The Museum of Bags and Purse: Tassenmuseum Hendrikje This beaded coin-purse (France, 1827) shows the arrival of Zarafa, the first giraffe to set hoof on French soil. Mehmet Ali Pasha, the Ottoman Viceroy of Egypt sent this lovely lady giraffe to Charles X of France in 1826, and she resided in Paris until her death in 1844.

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Très Sportif Fabric at Britex – Including Water Repellent Fabrics!

Some of us at Britex are très sportif, and some of us are not, but all of us are shivering and damp with the latest spate of winter rain. We can recite “Rain rain go away, Come again another day” all we like, but we might as well resign ourselves to paddling away like little soaking wet, fashionable ducks! Britex Fabrics can help though; we carry a range of outdoor wear fabrics. Here is a pair of elastic waist coated cotton, water repellent pants that Secretary made to keep her toasty and dry (notice the charming waistband lining detailing.) And here is a list of sportif fabrics, along with their properties, that can be found on Britex Fabric’s 4th floor.

  • Polartec fleece (for very cold weather)
  • Windpro fleece (for very windy cold weather)
  • Microfleece (for underlayers or moderate weather)
  • Coated Rip-stop (water proof)
  • Waterproof Polartec Windblock (3 in one)
  • Stretch Windblock soft shell (great for activities with a lot of movement like rock climbing)
  • 1000 denier Cordura – DWR coated (DWR – Durable Water Repellent)
  • Neoprene in 2.0 and 3.0 mm (for wetsuits)
  • Wikaway pique and other light weight knits

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Exhibit: Rhythm and Hues: Cloth and Culture of Mali

Rhythm and Hues: Cloth and Culture of Mali – February 5, 2010—May 2, 2010, The Museum of Craft and Folk Art, 51 Yerba Buena Lane, San Francisco, CA 94103. Rhythm and Hues: Cloth and Culture of Mali gives long overdue recognition to contemporary Malian fabric artisans and highlights the enduring significance of textiles as a major form of aesthetic in Mali. Featuring works beyond the mudcloth tradition, this exhibition seeks to showcase contemporary styles and techniques which have yet to be shown in the US. With superb examples of dress, and accompanying photographs, Rhythm and Hues: Cloth and Culture of Mali will document hand-dyed as well as factory-printed cloth. Social issues such as empowerment of women, the status of dress, women’s identity, and current trends in fabric design will be explored.
Due to the expository role of cloth in daily life, both hand-dyed and factory printed kinds of popular fabrics reveal current and constantly evolving cultural trends. The pictorial nature of the prints allows the wearer to express unique and equally critical messages, such as political attitudes, educational institutions and affiliations, or social views, and public health concerns. Although the shapes of the garments remain fairly constant, the colors, patterns, designs and messages of the cloth are constantly transforming. In addition to the cloth and clothing, Rhythm and Hues: Cloth and Culture of Mali showcases other forms of traditional art and craft from Mali, such as wooden puppets, and the life-sized masked and costumed figures called “marionettes” which act out village legends. Unusual calabashes and baskets are also included to show the wide variety of Malian craft and folk art.

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Voices in Cloth: East Bay Heritage Quilters – April 10 & April 11, 2010

Voices in Cloth: East Bay Heritage Quilters, April 10 — April 11, 2010 – Oakland Convention Center, Saturday: 10-5 and Sunday: 10-4. The East Bay Heritage Quilters present the 2010 bi-annual Voices in Cloth “Extraordinary Quilt Show”. There will be over 200 quilts by EBHQ members, wearable art, quilting demonstrations, great vendors, a silent auction of quilts and garments. The Voices in Cloth show is a large, non-juried display of EBHQ members’ quilts. EBHQ members participate – from the nationally famous to the individual quilter who may never have exhibited. This show raises money for the EBHQ monthly guest speaker, activities such as the Children’s Quilts project, and grants to support education outreach activities.

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