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Indie Patterns Come to Britex Guest Bloggers

For about a year, our team of Guest Bloggers have been sampling and offering tons of tips on working with a variety of fabrics from our online selection. They have also been sharing their personal tricks on using and altering existing patterns. Here’s where the really awesome news comes in—our guest bloggers will now be test driving some of your favorite (or soon to be favorite) independent pattern companies. The list is pretty long, but here are a few. Find the entire list of collaborating pattern companies on our Guest Blogger page.


sewaholicpat Click here to read more »

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Knockout Wool Dress Variations by Laura Mae


Many patterns include multiple views that whet the creative appetite by showing one or two variations on a theme.  But there are so many more possibilities!  Add or substitute a piece from another existing pattern or draft your own, and things get even more interesting. Click here to read more »

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Tips on Sewing Shorts – Windowpane Pleated Duo by Jamie

Britex020314_640x427_MainPhoto credit: Liz Clayman

I’ve kicked off the new year with a pretty busy schedule here at the Jamie Lau Designs studio. I just wrapped a photo shoot of my new textile designs and also added my latest Britex project to the shot list. With this post, I wanted to branch out from dresses and into the world of separates. I designed a pair of pleated shorts in one of my prints a few months ago and wanted to make the same cut, but in a different fabric. For this project, I selected the cream Windowpane Check Black and Carmine Wool Crepe for my checked ensemble. This wool crepe does not wrinkle and has a nice pebbly texture and soft weight. For the overall look, I found the smaller scale of checks appealing and was partially inspired by the geometric designs of André Courrèges and the playful, mod aesthetic of Foale and Tuffin.


Britex020314_640x427_1(Left) Dress by André Courrèges, 1968; (Right) Marion Foale at the sewing machine, 1963 Click here to read more »

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Professional Coat-making Tips from Jen



Hi everyone, Jen from Grainline Studio here to talk a little bit about winter coats. I know that sewing a full on winter coat can seem a bit intimidating but they really are a most rewarding project, and one of my favorite things to sew! In this post we are going to talk about choosing the right fabric as well as construction tips to get a professional and long lasting coat. The pattern used in this tutorial is my Birchwood Toggle Coat pattern, which will be available in my shop shortly, paired with this unbelievably beautiful and warm Double-Faced coating from Britex. I’m also kind of freaking out about the toggle closures as well. So beautiful and actually made from quality materials. The colors really are a perfect match with this wool! Click here to read more »

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Make Faux Fortuny Pleated Fabric!

afb9f840733a79d2b87f01994d2365ffTara and Lorraine with The Costumer’s Manifesto created this tutorial on making faux Fortuny style pleated fabric – it would be fun to have a pleating party with your most glamorous crafty friends, and then make your own sensuous Grecian gowns to perform the rites of spring!

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Make a Retro 1960s Peter Pan Collar!


Ami runs My Little Tailoress, a UK blog packed full of sewing projects, style ideas and vintage inspiration. Here she created a tutorial on drafting the ethereal Peter Pan collar, using beginner Colette sewing pattern Laurel and a fillip of creative ingenuity! Add a Peter Pan collar to a floral cotton shirtwaist dress for a pert retro look!

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Make Single-Fold Bias Tape with a Printable Template!

double1We love how contrasting bias tape can add a spunky accent to everything from collars to pot holders! Carla, the Scientific Seamstress crated this free PDF pattern to make printable 1” and 1/2” single-fold bias tape templates using cardstock and scraps of fabric. Go wild; trim an old-fashioned gingham apron or gussy up a dainty Peter Pan collared blouse!

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Free Necktie Tutorial – Make Like Mr. Astaire!

tumblr_m4mwrj2gat1qgxbs4o3_250Kristina created this free tutorial on Colette Patterns’ blog. Deconstruct an unwanted necktie for your pattern and interlining, and then use these clear instructions. Just like Mr. Astaire, we’ve been necktie crazy these days; going through our fabric stash and sewing neckties galore! Our favorites are made of plaid wool, kooky Japanese prints, or tiny floral cotton prints…you’re sure to have plenty of small pieces left over from holiday projects. If your stash is running low, just raid the 4th floor remnant section at Britex!

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Vintage Felt Circle Skirt Tutorial


Technicolor Cutie made up this swingin’ felt circle skirt tutorial for all you vintage lovers out there. This skirt is easy-peasy…make it with felt, and you don’t even need to stitch the hem! Decorate with kittens, musical notes, anchors, or swallows and make one for each day of the week. Acrylic felt is available on Britex Fabrics’ 4th floor, via email at, or by phone at 415-392-2910, and a splendid selection of readymade appliqués are available on Britex Fabrics’ 3rd floor.

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Tutorial: Silk Slip with Small Bust Adjustment



Hello!  Nicole at Home, here.  Even with the onset of colder weather in California, I’ve not wanted to give up on wearing dresses.  But tights with dresses, and the static that clings them together, make me completely crazy.  So, with an opportunity to use some of Britex’s beautiful silks, I just had to make a slip.   Click here to read more »

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